November 12, 2014

Shoes That Light Up When You Walk But Adult Size

Here at, we think we may have something to offer for anyone who has entered "shoes that light up when you walk but adult size" into the Google Search Bar. Checkout our online light up shoe offerings in our SHOP or send us a question at our CONTACT page.

of if you think not:

Click here to have the Google Web Search Page Google Itself for "shoes that light up when you walk but adult size"


July 03, 2014

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NIKE ROSHE RUN + LIGHTS = "Where'd You Get Those?!?"

The most popular Nike of the last year is now available for our light up customization. After a few attempts in the EF lab to add lights to the Roshe Run we are ready to offer them to the public...on a limited basis. Only 10 orders will be up for grabs at a time. Once 10 are called for they will be unavailable until further notice. As usual these have a 3 week turnaround time in the US and 4-5 weeks for International orders.

Once your order is placed you will be contacted to determine your size and shoe color scheme options in that size. Sizes available are 6-15 in Mens US and 5-12 in Womens US. Check them here: Roshe Mens or Roshe Womens

For further questions send a message via our Contact Page


June 20, 2014

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The First Full EF Light Up Custom In Years

After customizing sneakers with paint, engraving and different materials for a few years I finally decided upon the moniker Evolved Footwear to have an identity behind my porfolio of work. About a year later in 2004 was the first time added lights to a sneaker. In the following years I used multiple Nike Air Max models giving them a whole new look with my classic techniques of painting and using the encapsulated air sole to house LED lights. But in late 2012 it became apparent the lights were needing to be the focus so in January 2013 I re-branded to focus on offering customizations that were only retrofitting sneakers with lights. Full customized designs took a back seat.

Now the time has come to bring back full customs. The first pair is this Nike Air Max 90 titled "Vintage EF" featuring green LED lights accented by my engraved take on "elephant print" and additions of our logo, silver and light gray. This pair is a 1 of 1 only available in size 11.5 you can buy here: EF 1 of 1s


June 03, 2014

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Light Up Green Nike Penny V HL

These days it seems like the popular colorways of sneakers are only getting louder and louder. Before we got a hold of these Nike Penny V their bright primarily Volt colorway is a definite attention getter. Of course our LED retrofitting takes them to the next level. These are up for grabs in MENS US size 7.5-12 for a limited time in our store here: Light Up Nike Penny V

Cool Light Up Stuff: Solar Freakin' Roadways with LEDs

We often come across stuff along the Internet that lights up, glows, or some how uses light emitting diodes to bring a new experience to different areas of life. So to kick off a series of posts titled "Cool Light Up Stuff" this may be one of the most wicked things to ever use LEDs. An invention that according to the following video would be able to turn the world's roadways and walkways into energy producing solar panels embedded with completely programmable LEDs. Seems possible, epic and A LOT of work.

After you check the video below read more about how you can help make it a reality here: Solar Roadways on 

January 30, 2014

Light Up University of Oregon Nike Air Max 360 Diamond Griffeys

If Oregon is your team or you are just on the hype train of Nike's Oregon Ducks branded releases this is the pair of light up sneakers for you. This white Nike Air Max 360 Diamond Griffey complete with O logos on the back heel and tongue was perfect for our 16 LED light setup with their green air bubbles.

For a limited time they are available in sizes 6 to 15 via our online shop here: Oregon Griffey Air Max with Green Lights

October 22, 2013

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Light Up Shoes in Life According To Jimmy: The Threesome

The custom light up Nike Air Max LTD sneakers made for Jimmy Tatro make a brief appearance in the YouTuber's recent video created for Check the shoes below at about the 1:50 mark :

Jimmy's shoes were a 1 of 1 custom. Shoes with similar light up effects can be ordered here: Mens Light UP Nike Air Max LTD or visit the contact page for a complete custom pair.