How do I buy a pair of Evolved Footwear custom shoes?

Through the Evolved Footwear Online Shop, or sending a 1 of 1 request via the Contact page. Evolved-Footwear products are not sold at any other sites or stores unless otherwise noted on the Blog. Occasionally work is sold on eBay only under the username: evolvedfootwear.

How much is shipping in the US and what is the turnaround time for delivery?

Shipping is $16 per pair in the US, and turnaround time is up to 3 weeks. 1 WEEK RUSH shipping is available for $75.

Do you ship to Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Australia, where I live, etc?

Yes! We ship WORLDWIDE. Shipping outside the US is $35 per pair. Turnaround time for delivery is UP TO 5 WEEKS!

What shoe size do I need in US sizing?

PLEASE search online for a shoe size conversion, visit a local shoe store and make your own decision. We have a general SIZING CHART here for further reference. All products on our site are in US sizing. PLEASE use your own research along with our sizing chart to best determine your country's size conversion. NOTE: SIZE CONVERSION IS NOT GUARANTEED AS ALL MODELS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. PLEASE VISIT THE CONTACT PAGE IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION.

Are these shoes authentic?

ALL footwear we offer is AUTHENTIC, BRAND NEW shoes that have been customized (retrofitted, modified, altered, etc.) based on their respective descriptions with LED lights. None of the shoes are manufactured with LED lights in them from the company. We are a 3rd party, private party, after market etc. business that purchases the shoes at retail only from reputable retailers. We pride ourselves in being obsessed with sneakers and refuse to use fake, counterfeit, bootleg product. Rest assured you are purchasing an authentic product of the specific brand listed.

Do you carry wide width shoes?

Unfortunately all our shoes we offer are medium width. None we offer come in wide. If you wear wide we insist you do not purchase as they will most likely will not fit.

Nikes are like $100 at FootLocker, why are your prices so expensive?

This is a question often asked. There are a couple main factors: 1. Evolved Footwear is not an account holder of any of the shoes' brands we sell so that means EF has to buy the shoes at retail price, at an average of $110+, before they are even customized. 2. Hours are spent customizing them on top of years of trial and error in attempt to offer the best work and unique designs possible.

Can I see my custom shoe design idea before I order?

It will depend on the design. Please give a detailed description of what you want: your shoe size, overall theme, certain graphics, where you want those graphics, text, and colors. The more you share the more EF can provide.

How durable are Evolved Footwear custom shoes?

They are very durable when being worn in regular conditions e.g. walking, to class, around the mall, out on the town, watching the game. Any activity with lots of movement like dancing or sports are not recommended for any painted shoes. But like any shoes they are prone to being scuffed as that is just the nature of footwear.

But what about the light up shoes durability? I want to wear them dancing.

Evolved Footwear only makes light up designs available if the work has held up to months of wear testing. Designs will only be sold if they can hold up to above average wear such as dancing or running. That's the usual dancing at a club or concert not in your friends parents’ full swimming pool. Rest assured you are purchasing a quality, wear-tested light up design.

You must have to cut open the air bubble on the Nike Air Max. Is the bubble sealed back up?

No the air bubbles are not resealed. They are still completely wearable.

Since you don't reseal don't they ruin the shoes?

No they do not. Air Max we use offer pretty much the same support before being cut open as the support is really provided by the columns within. We have sold and tested countless pairs and there has not been a significant difference in the durability of the shoes compared to pairs that were not cut open. The only styles we did notice some affect on the wear after cutting open are the year Air Max 360 models, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, etc. as they technically do not have "midsoles" to offer support. The entire bubble window along with the columns and air act as support. They are still wearable casually but we choose not to offer them as many people like to do more than walk or stand around in our work.

How long do the lights last?

It will depend on the light up customization. Certain setups have replaceable batteries and with an on/off switch while others have no on/off switch and can only be switched off by removing batteries. Be sure to read the details on the product page or ask if it is a 1 of 1 custom order.

What if my shoes stop working?

Due to the extremely unique nature of our product line electronic failure can happen, but is preventable. The footwear we sell is not originally designed to have an electronic component added to them and then withstand regular wear. With years of trial and error Evolved Footwear has found a solution to offer the most durable customization of footwear with light up effects to allow for regular wear and beyond. The better you take care of your Evolved Footwear product and its components the longer the pair will function as delivered in its original customized form. The harder you are on the shoes themselves, which will of course break down overtime as all shoes do, the more wear and tear you likely place on the electronic components.

If this raises concerns about making a purchase feel free to send further questions via the Contact page. Otherwise we suggest you find another route to fulfill your desire for light up shoes. Good luck and thanks for spending time on our site.

Is there a warranty?

Each Evolved Footwear shoe has guaranteed warranty for FREE repairs 1 year from the date of delivery. This includes replacing all electronic components added to the shoes free of charge. After 1 year a $25 charge will be required per pair under all circumstances. If the unfortunate event of a repair is required please send a request via email through your original purchase confirmation or via the Contact page with as much information from your original purchase as possible(name, address, email, product, etc.) You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item, in some circumstances lights may be able to be mailed directly to you to repair on your own. Shipping costs are non-refundable. Repair turnaround time is along the same lines as the original purchase listed above. 

Can I return my shoes?

We accept returns for a full refund of the product cost OR exchange for a similarly priced shoe for up to 30 days after delivery. Shoes MUST be in unworn, new condition as they were received. If you think they do not fit we believe that can be figured out by simply trying them on, NOT wearing out a night or two and trashed. Shoes with obvious wear will not be accepted, returned to the customer and refund not granted. Please email or message via the Contact page with your request to return. In the event of an exchanged shoe not being available in the desired size, a similar model will be offered. Shipping costs are non-refundable unless the product has NOT been shipped and delivered.

NOTE: In the event of an exchanged shoe not being available in the desired size, a similar model will be offered.

What shoes can you customize?

Leather and canvas shoes from most brands. Not all shoes can have lights added. Shoes that can have light customization either have some sort of air sole. All shoes are different so send an email to be sure: evolvedfootwear[at]gmail[dot]com

Can I provide my own shoes?

Yes, but please do not go and buy shoes until you are given an OK that EF can customize them with your desired design.

How much do EF 1 of 1 custom shoes cost?

It will depend on many factors. The average customization will be around $450 + shipping and handling.

How can I pay for EF custom shoes?

Online payments are securely accepted through PayPal. You can use Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover via PayPal. Check or money orders can be accepted as well. Payment must be made in full to begin customizing your shoes.

How long before I get my shoes I ordered?

The average fulfillment time is a period of 3 weeks after full payment is received. International orders take up to 5 weeks. 1 of 1 projects are on a per situation basis. Be sure to read the details on the specific products page or ask. Because this is life and all shoes are custom made by hand there is always the opportunity for unforeseen factors to arise. If something happens to cause a delay you will be notified.

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